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Commercial License At No Extra Cost

Unbelievable Low Price Introductory Offer 

Includes 6-Figure Content Marketing Plan

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From the desk of Expert Content Curator And Marketer Neil Napier

To: Internet & affiliate marketers, and anyone looking to leverage viral and trending content in their business...

Re: Maximize the ROI Of Your Content Marketing

Want to know the secret sauce that is driving INSANE engagements for 7-Figure Influencers like Neil Patel, Jon Morrow and more?

I will reveal that soon, but let me ask you: have you seen 7-figure marketers, top bloggers, Influencers, and other social media gurus publish High-Quality content day-in-day-out? 

They make it look so easy!

But I bet you tried, and it's not so easy, right?

…and I guess you are wondering what money these guys are spending to get such premium quality content…

Do they have an entire team of content writers churning out content on-demand?

If you did the same, how much would it cost YOU?

Now in the time you've read these few sentences, these influencers are clocking up a new audience, leads, and customers.

As a result, you end up with an excruciating frustration looking at the trickle of traffic you generate from content that took you ages to create.

Now here’s what you don’t know - I was like you.

I have been there.

I started as a content writer but when I tried to write content for my business, I just couldn't write enough.

People were always putting MORE and MORE content out there - because they had money to spend. I did not.

But then, one day, I looked closely at what influencers were doing with their content marketing...

...and that changed EVERYTHING!

So the questions we have to ask are:

  • What are these influencers and money-makers doing?
  • How are they getting such amazing results with their content?
  • And especially, how are they publishing such high-quality content every day?

...and the answer is simple...

Creating Content for Social Media is Not Complicated! 

All the successful people that put out high-quality content have something in common.

They don't just write random articles.

They have a SYSTEM.

A system that works day-in-day-out to get traffic and sales.

And if you follow what I will show you here, you can DUPLICATE this PROVEN system in your own business.

Resulting in:

  • More leads so you can grow your email list
  • More sales so you can hit your business goals, and
  • The ability to crush your competition with unbeatable viral content

And before I reveal the system to grow your business passively, see why content marketing is essential:

Leverage Content Marketing In Your Business

If you are thinking of writing the content yourself, you will spend 2-4 hours a day, 5 days a week. After this, you won't have time left to focus on the money-making activities of your business.

Understandably…companies either outsource (content creation), hire full-time content writers...

...or just give up on creating quality content marketing plan for their business.

Which path will you take?

The first to go out of business are the ones that don't have a content marketing SYSTEM in place.

Leaving out content marketing from your marketing strategy is suicidal for your business.

The second ones to go bust are the ones that outsource content creation on platforms like Fiverr and UpWork. As they say - when you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys! Most businesses that rely only on these platforms either end up paying too much, or pay too little for bad content quality. Which results in terrible content marketing.

Check how expensive these services can get:

So paying $500 for an article...

...or paying someone $125 per hour for content writing is not really financially recommended.

You can also choose to hire these people as freelancers, but to begin with, you will not be their only client.

...and at prices like these, they will soon run your bank empty, even before you start getting paid as an affiliate or product creator.

Why waste money when you can use our system?

...and it's time to reveal this system to you:

Create UNLIMITED Content For Yourself And Your Clients...

The system that I want to share with you is - Content Curation.

More specifically - content curation on your blog and social media, to drive traffic and sales.

Now I know you've seen other people talk about this before.

You have probably even TRIED it, but not as successfully as you would like.

Well, we do something different.

We have introduced AUTOMATION into the system, so we don't need to search everywhere for worthy content to curate.

In 3 simple steps, here's how this system works:

  • You INSTANTLY find content that is trending or going viral (no need to hire people to do this, our system does it for you)
  • You share it on social media and your blog with a single click (no need to do manual copy and pasting!), and
  • You stack up campaigns so that you continue to get traffic, automatically! And you move FAST!

This is EXACTLY what these influencers were doing.

They were using expensive tools like BuzzSumo to find this trending and relevant content. Some even had teams of 5 to 10 people working AROUND THE CLOCK to curate viral content from RSS feeds, and other websites online.

Then, they were using this content to get more engagement and profits.

Upon realization, and looking at what existed in the market…

My team and I got to work and created a POWERFUL tool that was based on the SAME concept as BuzzSumo, but not as expensive.

A tool that helps us curate viral and trending content in just a few seconds.

The ONLY difference is that unlike these other guys – I am going to let you HAVE this tool (and my system) and save you a LOT of time and a HELL LOT of money…


Curate all the content you need in your business, with a single click!

 This Easy-To-Use Software Works In 3-Simple Steps:

Step 01


Find viral and trending content on any niche from over 500 content feeds!

Step 02


Connect all your social media accounts and blogs, and schedule your content within minutes.

Step 03

Get Traffic

Enjoy improved SEO and an avalanche of new visitors. Fresh content gets increased traffic, engagement and sales.

Curation Lab Has Delivered Amazing Results For Others As Well...

$270 in sales with 100% free traffic!!! 

I know that i needed traffic for my store to get sales and honestly i always thought that is a nightmare to get free traffic. But since i used CurationLab and setup my traffic machine campaign with an easy step by step, I earned an extra $270 in no time with 100% free traffic after 3 days.

Alex Weber

AMAZING - I've been looking for a tool to do something similar to CurationLab for some time now. From the DEMO this exceeds what I was looking for and WOW; to be able to use this for client campaigns is awesome

Dan Ashendorf

Watch How Easy It Is To Curate And Publish Viral Content In Just 90 Seconds

Look at Everything You Can Do With Curation Lab...

  • Tap Into Unlimited Content
  • Instant Results
  • Detailed Analytics & Reports
  • Link Shorten Support
  • Automate Content Discovery
  • Super Easy To Use
  • Customizable Niche Content
  • Save Precious Time with Auto-Post & Scheduling
  • Curate Content Like A Pro
  • Long Term SEO Benefits
  • Free Stock Photo Integration

Curate Content FASTER Than Your Competition...

Social Media Integrations

Connect up to 10 websites and 50 social accounts. Spread your content all over the web on complete autopilot. 

Tap into unlimited content

Get access to over 500 content feeds on any topic. Articles, videos, podcasts from thousands of websites can be used in your social accounts and blogs.

Build Your Own Topics To Curate

Discover the most highly engaging content in any niche by simply entering a keyword. Forget your bookmarks. Follow on your favorite content with our Feeds Reader, all in one page. News, videos, products research - you name it

Auto-Post & Scheduling

Automation is the key. Curation Lab makes the whole process a complete set-n-forget system. Just select the date and time for your posts to go live. It’s perfect if you are in time zones that are very different from that of your audience.

Customizable Niche Content

When you have specific content needs, trending viral content may not always be what you want. Add RSS feeds of sites in your niche, and we track THOSE for the best content.

Detailed Analytics & Reports

Dashboard view that ENABLES you to see which website content and accounts are getting the most interactions. Track your post engagement and view reports to gather data and optimize your future content.

Pick Viral Posts Quickly...

Pick your topics, virality, and add where you want to post. Then we take over the rest and drip out amazing content on your schedule.

Make Blog Post

Make a blog and social post in just minutes. Use the content that you curated by entering a keyword. The high-quality viral content will boost your engagement and conversions in no time.  

Stock Photo Integration

Integrate free stock photo platforms in just 1-Click. Make your blogs and social posts more engaging using images. These have proven to increase conversions.

Calendar Scheduling

Quickly see what content is scheduled to go live, where it’s going to post.

Curation Lab Will Make Your Life SO Much Easier...

Long-term SEO Benefits

Google loves fresh content, and SEO is the key to turning a trickle of traffic into a river. Get that Google love by posting trending content and getting massively increased engagement.

Detailed Training

For those of you that are not so experienced, we have a fantastic help area that has step-by-step videos, FAQ, and a quick start guide.

Super Easy to Use

This service is so easy to get up publishing content, you’ll be up and running in under a minute. Tweak posts to your liking and get your traffic and engagement growing FAST.

Save precious time

Replace a team of social media and content management experts. Automate content discovery, curation, and sharing. Free up your time for money-generating aspects of your business.

Be stress-free

Everything built into one convenient service. Mobile-friendly layout, fast & secure cloud servers, top-notch support, and extensive knowledge base

Instant Results

Google absolutely LOVES fresh content and will give you a growing trickle of traffic over time. By posting to your social media assets, you’ll get the rare viral POPs that we all aim at!

Laser Focused Curation

Just want to stop the time-sucking research and content writing? We bubble up only the most viral and trending content for you to publish.

Constant Monitoring

We’re always watching the top sites (AND the sites you add) to see what’s trending, getting engagement, etc. This gives you the unique advantage you need!

Amazing Support

We’ve helped our customers use our technology. And we’ll be happy to help you implement best practices, so you can be successful as well!

As you can see, this is by far the MOST COMPREHENSIVE curation tool out there.

And the awesome part? This is a constantly evolving tool. So expect to see a lot more features being included in this tool.

This is a tool that we use in our business, so we will make sure it's up to the industry standards.

So if you decide to join our founders group, I have a few more things to share with you.

During this special launch period, we've decided to include special bonuses when you get Curation Lab today.

Here they are:

BIG Launch Special Bonus - Curation Lab Commercial License

With this commercial license, you can curate and publish content for your clients’ websites and social media accounts. Every business out there needs a solid online presence. With just few hours of work per week, you can now serve at least 10 clients using Curation Lab.

Charge them per hour, per project, or per month. It’s totally up to you. Keep 100% of the profits. Both seasoned and new affiliate marketers, social gurus, bloggers, vloggers, and eCom marketers are all looking for good quality content all the time and are willing to pay big bucks for it.

Become their go-to Content Marketing Agency and charge a retainer per month. Curation Lab would not only help you find amazing content… it will even help you make loads of money that you can either pump in your own business or use it for travel and leisure.

Unlock Additional Bonuses Today...

But we don’t just stop there.

For the duration of this launch (until the timer hits zero), we are offering you some additional bonuses:

Bonus 1

Special Workshop - Build Your 6-Figure Business with Content Marketing

Everyone who gets Curation Lab during this launch special period, will get invited to a LIVE workshop on the 22nd of August. On this workshop, we’ll share a simple but POWERFUL strategy to build a 6-figure business with hands-off content marketing. This training will be later packaged and sold at $249, but you get it for free!

Bonus 2

Extra 12-month access to Curation Lab

After this launch, Curation Lab will be sold for $97 per month or more. That's because this app has real world application, and that's what our competitors charge. But since we are running a special deal here, we are giving you a 12-month access for a small fee. BUT - as a special bonus, we will extend this license by ANOTHER 12 months. This way, you can enjoy Curation Lab for 24 months for less than 7 cents per day.

Bonus 3

Email List Building Strategy

Email List Building is the key to your success. This training will provide  you the best strategies to build your list and create a long term income source. Use this alongside Curation Lab to build your customer list in any niche.

Bonus 4

Training - Guest Posting Secrets

Guest Posting Secrets is a comprehensive guide on how you can effectively get high-quality backlinks from authority websites and generate evergreen traffic. With this training, you will be able to learn how to approach high-authority websites and get the most out of your guest post.

Curation Lab Has Helped Businesses Around The Globe Solve Their Content Crunch For Good

When I Yves told me about Curation Lab, I requested access and I was blown away with not just the feature set, but because the software actually works. I have started using it on one of my blogs already and the results have been tremendous. Great Vendor + Great Product = Great Customer Success.

Joshua Firima

I am a content creator, and I know how difficult it can be to create fresh, shareworthy content daily. Curation Lab makes my life easier on the days I don't feel like writing. 5 stars!

Patrick Enyum

Get Curation Lab Today, and Stop The Struggle!

It's time to stop struggling with content marketing!

Use your site’s RSS feed to distribute content to all your web properties. Generate RSS feeds from sources that don’t have feeds by default by using your keywords and a set of filters.

Enjoy improved SEO and an avalanche of new visitors. Your audience will love you for frequent updates based on quality content and will always come back for more. Build your authority in a smart way!

Curation Lab makes it possible to do smart marketing - utilize it!

Quick Recap Of What's Included In Today's Offer

Curation Lab app

$97 / mo

Commercial license


Special workshop


Extra 12-month license


List Building Strategy


Guest Posting Secrets


Total Value

$2,239 + $97 (per month)

Now, even though we know that offering you a 50% discount for this ‘launch special’ offer will be a good deal - we want to offer more to you today!

As an early adopter, you can secure a bigger discount.

We pumped in a lot of money to build this app. Our goal was to create an “all-in-one” tool for you, and we have done that. Every marketer is looking for quality content, irrespective of the experience level they are at…and at a 50% discount, Curation Lab is an absolute steal.

With that in mind – we are offering a MASSIVE discount (until the timer hits zero!) 



Social Media Integrations

Tap into Unlimited Content

Build Your Own Topics To Curate

Auto-Post & Scheduling

Customizable Niche Content

Detailed Analytics and Reports

Pick Viral Posts Quickly

Make Blog Post

Free Stock Photo Integration

Calendar Scheduling

BONUS: Commercial License

BONUS: Special Workshop: Build Your 6-Figure Business with Content Marketing

Curation Lab Main - Monthly

Best Value


Social Media Integrations

Tap into Unlimited Content

Build Your Own Topics To Curate

Auto-Post & Scheduling

Customizable Niche Content

Detailed Analytics and Reports

Pick Viral Posts Quickly

Make Blog Post

Free Stock Photo Integration

Calendar Scheduling

BONUS: Commercial License

BONUS: Special Workshop: Build Your 6-Figure Business with Content Marketing

BONUS: Extra 12 Months access to Curation Lab

BONUS: Email List Building Strategy

BONUS: Guest Posting Secrets

Curation Lab - One-Time Payment

30-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

Trying Curation Lab is risk free for a full 30 days. With this app, you can discover, edit, and publish content on your websites and social media accounts. Watch the engagement go through the roof. Even sell services using Curation Lab for whatever price you want on various platforms.

Within 30 days from your purchase, in case you feel that Curation Lab is not working for you or you are not getting the results you hoped you could get…just drop us a message at our Support Desk and we'll process a full refund for you. No problem!

Let’s meet inside the Members Area and get started today,

Neil Napier & Yves Kuoyo

Frequently Asked Question

How can you afford to offer a one-time license?

There are a couple of reasons why we are offering a 2-year license. 1) We intend to take this to the recurring SaaS route, so this is our way of bringing in a big founders group that helps fund the costs of taking Curation Lab mainstream. Then b) We want to offer you a no-brainer deal :)

For us, our customers are a priority. And to keep everything transparent, we decided to offer an upgrade (PRO) that gives you more capacity, but at a recurring price. You can see that at the next page. But note that this is not a lifetime license, as we cannot promise lifetime upkeep and maintenance.

I am just starting. Is this for me?

Absolutely. You are lucky to have landed on this page without spending years in the trenches and breaking the bank paying exorbitant content writer fees.

Will I get penalized by Google for using the content that is already out there?

No. Curation Lab does not use any black hat tools or processes. It curates content 100% legally and ethically. 

Do I have to worry about copyright issues?

No - you don't need to worry. We are not taking someone's content and posting as your own. We are CURATING it and giving link and credit back to the original source. Even on social media.

I have one more query that is not answered anywhere on this page. What do I do?

Please get in touch with us on our Support Desk. We will be happy to assist you.

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