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Create Social Traffic Campaigns

Now legally leverage other people's content to generate an unlimited amount of free, targeted traffic, leads and sales - in any niche... from the BIGGEST platforms online - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Connect your accounts and get started.

Easily Connect Your Social Accounts

No need for APIs and authorization. You can add your social accounts with 1-Click… unlike other software that requires complex setup. Once done… you can start leveraging the social giants to siphon off targeted traffic and sales to ANY offer you would like.

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INSTANTLY Profit From Other People’s Authority Content. Add your links to anyone’s content… and start driving massive traffic, sales and leads to SKYROCKET your profits. Monetize other’s content to make profits for yourself in just 1-Click. 

Built-In Scheduling System

Get total control over the posting schedule of your social campaign by Curation Takeover. You can set what social accounts to post to... Just select the date and time for your social campaigns to be shared on social networks . It’s perfect if you are in time zones that are very different from that of your audience.

Cloud-Based Software

Nothing to download or install, use via any web browser! Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and even tablets or mobile devices! Now you can make profits on the move by login in Curation Takeover from any part of the world… any time you want. Make money while you are on a vacation or even waiting at the airport lounge. 

100% Free. Hidden Costs

You can generate as much targeted social traffic as you'd like without having to pay a single cent for traffic, without having to do SEO and without even owning a website or paying exorbitant fee for a hosting service. When we say Curation Takeover helps you leverage targeted traffic free of cost - we mean it. 


Curation Takeover gives you chances to add tracking codes with the purpose of retargeting visitors easily. Turn cold leads, casual readers and customers who showed some interest, but never took the last step of completing the purchase. 

Exit Control Traffic

You can capture many visitors while trying to leave your offer page. Set up...opt-in forms, discount coupons, free trial offers or whatever you think might help convert your visitor into a paying customer… to pop-up, right when they are about to leave your page forever. 

Get More Exposure

Curation Takeover gives you chances to add tracking codes with the purpose of retargeting visitors easily. Turn cold leads, casual readers and customers who showed some interest, but never took the last step of completing the purchase. 

Share On Social Networks

Easily share your campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest on just one click of your mouse. Tap into the BIGGEST pool of traffic, for any niche, in the history of mankind.

Get A 30-Day No Questions Asked,

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Get started at zero risk. Connect your social accounts and find an offer you want to promote – Affiliate Offers, CPA Offers etc. ... and create your campaign.

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